Smile Club

Our Smile Club rewards our patients for doing the right things. Keep your braces clean…get points. Get good grades…get points. Do community service…get points. Win an award…get points. You get the idea. We like to encourage our patients to become more responsible patients AND better members of our community. Reward points are redeemed for gift cards at dozens of stores.

How does Smile Club work?

  • On the back of your Smile Club card is a user name and password.
  • Log in by clicking on the Smile Club image above.
  • You can customize you profile, check your points total, or enter contests to earn more points.
  • You can redeem points starting at 50 points. Some card require higher point totals.
  • Download more detailed information below.


Download the Program Information Guide

Certificates for Your Dentist (take this to your next dental visit for more points!)

Just a few of the cards you could earn...