It took about 5 months to bring this patient’s impacted canine tooth (very common issue) into the arch – with a total of just under two years of treatment to align this patient’s bite and smile.

It took a little over two years to complete this patient’s treatment to close down her open bite. An alternative option to jaw surgery was accepting a compromise in her bite and adding restorations from the dentist to her anterior (front) teeth

It took 16 months to align this patient’s bite and smile with full braces. The patient had bonding placed from the dentist on his “small” tooth, with the plan to eventually put a crown on that tooth.

The patient had two phases of orthodontic treatment. Phase 1 included an expander and partial braces. Retainers were worn until his adult teeth erupted. Once the adult teeth were fully erupted, he started his second phase of treatment with full braces.

We used an expander and full braces to resolve severe upper and lower crowding in 20 months.

Our team resolved severe upper and lower crowding in less than two years with full braces.