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Tuesday October 4,2022

Mask are no longer required in our offices.  Our recommendation is to wear a mask if you feel uncomfortable or are at an elevated risk.  The dental environment with our use of aerosols may expose those in our office to contagious pathogens.

We continue to practice standard precautions in our infection control protocols. Our patient and staff safety is our highest concern.

Wednesday May 6, 2020

I hope everyone is safe and healthy.  Our community has been through a lot in the last few months.   What hasn't changed is our commitment to your saftey.  Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice. The SARS-Co2 outbreak has added another dimension to the control of this potentially deadly pathogen.

We are taking extra steps beyond what is required to try to ensure everyone’s safety.  We are using guidelines from the  and the American Dental Association (ADA), American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) the CDC and OSHA.  I have a degree in Microbiloigy and real world experience with viruses, so I’m putting that to good use. We have new procedures in place- to protect your safety and ours.

The good news is we are finally able to open one of our offices.  The governor is opening a few counties, our Grove City office is in Mercer County, the first group to re-open.  That office start seeing patiens on Monday May11th.

Our procedures and policies are similar to those we had in place the day we shut down, with some added precautions. In the next few days we’ll be putting more specific info about your visit

We have been contacting those whose care is more urgent, If you feel you must be seen. Call the office.  But please try to be patient.  If you have something loose or broken, please give us as much detail as possible when we talk

We will be working with expanded hours and days to work through the obvious appointment back log.

If you have braces on, please scrub your teeth!

God Bless and stay safe.

Dr. Ron Kampas and Dr. Craig



Wednesday April 1, 2020:

Message to my patients:


Thursday March 19:

By order of Governor Wolfe, all non life sustaining businesses are closed.  Kampas Orthodontics PC is closed. We anticipate remaining close until April 6th– but will continue to evaluate the situation.

ADA recommends will see patients for emergency treatment only.   Emergency treatment means the patient has pain or discomfort. We ask that you call to discuss your specific situation, because we may be able to suggest a solution to your issue over the phone.  Please be aware that we will perform comfort measures only at your emergency visit. 

We are manning the phones remotely from 9am to 12pm.  At other times Dr. Kampas or Dr. Craig may be contacted through their cell phones. Please text first with your name, patient’s name and the nature of the problem. I will likely ask you to take photos of the area in question.

Please observe good hand washing before putting fingers in the mouth.

Here are a few tips. If you are:

Actively turning an expander complete the number of turns as directed at your last visit then stop turning.  Make a note of the date of the last turn.

Loose expander- squishy expander means the expander is loose.  Stop turning and send a close up selfie of the chewing surface to Dr. Kampas or Dr. Craig. If a bonded expander falls out, try to wear it as a removable appliance. 

Wearing elastics- it’s ok to continue wearing them, stop wearing them full time if your bite feels ‘overcorrected’, in that case just wear them at night.  Send a selfie to Dr. Kampas or Dr. Craig showing your bite with teeth closed from the side. Remember to perform hand washing before changing your elastics!  If you need more elastics, we can put some in the mail.

Those with braces- the orthodontic wires we use are made of a special alloy which is active over a long period of time.  Your teeth will continue to move, even without supervision. Be sure to maintain excellent hygiene.

Pokey wire-  First try putting the wire back into the hole in the back brace.  Be sure to wash hands well before attempting.  Second- if you can’t get it back in, use side cutters or fingernail clipper to cut the wire closest to the next attached brace.  If a sharp end remains, put wax over it.  Anything you remove, we can fix later.

Broken Bracket -this is not an emergency. If it isn’t bother the cheek or lips, leave it alone.  It the bracket is truly annoying, try to tease the color off of it, the bracket will  come off the wire.  It you can’t get the bracket off, cut the wire closest to the nearest attached brace.

Those with aligners- change your until you reach the last aligner you have.  Continue to wear the last aligner full time until you can be seen.  If you have questions about aligner fit, take a selfie with the aligner in place, get as close as you can to the space at the highest point on the tooth and the aligner.

Everyone- wash your hands for 20 seconds using antibacterial soap before touching anything in your mouth.

When will the office re-open? We are anticipating reopening Monday April 6th with a reduced schedule in order ensure the safety of patients and staff.  Re-opening will be based on recommendations from the CDC, ADA and the AAO.

Why can’t the problem be fixed completely, why can’t we be seen?- We are unable to obtain the protective equipment required to ensure your and our safety. Those resources have been reserved for the critical needs of the medical community. We continue to search for personal protective equipment recommended by the CDC.

Complex questions or difficult patients- text Dr. Kampas or Dr. Craig.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please continue to check your email  for more details.

Dr. Kampas or Dr. Craig can be reached by texting your name, patient’s name and nature of the issue to 724 316-3332.

Please check for the latest information from the CDC.

God's blessing to you and your family

Ron Kampas and Dana Craig

Addendum From the American Association of Orthodontists:

As a general guideline, non-elective procedures, including those considered to be orthodontic emergencies, are defined as remedying one or more of the following:

  • Significant oral pain (Please note that many patient “emergencies” can be managed by wax or sectioning an archwire with cuticle cutters/nail clippers.)
  • Infection
  • Limited function
  • Physically traumatic event yielding the above


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