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What Sets Us Apart

Our goal? Making the orthodontic experience exceptional.

Find out what many of your neighbors already know abour Kampas orthodontics.


We have the locations, hours, and efficiency to get you in and get you out. We value your time.


We will make the smile you deserve within your reach. Our flexible payment options means that everyone can afford the best care.


That’s a phrase that’s way over used, but we really are. Digital orthodontics can show you your smile before any treatment begins.


Dr. Kampas will thoroughly explain any recommended treatment, as well as options that fit your particular circumstance.


Our Smile Club rewards our patients for doing the right things. Keep your braces clean: get points. Get good grades: get points. Do community service: get points. Win an award: get points. You get the idea.  We like to encourage our patients to become more responsible patients AND better members of our community. Reward points are redeemed for gift cards at dozens of stores.

Brace Bus

Too busy to bring your child to the office?  Our Brace Bus will pick your child up at school, complete their care and return them to school- at no cost to you!  You will receive a summary of their visit.  Please check with us to find out if your child school is served. 

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